Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bum Genius Blues

Fiona at 2 months.

Ever since I was first pregnant I just knew that we were going to cloth diaper. Not only did I have strong convictions regarding the environmental welfare of cloth diapers, but babies are so darn cute in those big plush butts.

We initially got started with some pre-folds and eventually made our way up to the big commitment - an entire set of BumGenius 3.0

Now mind you, I scrimped and saved for months to be able to buy 24 BG's. And the whole mantra that I repeated to myself as I swiped my visa was "I'll be able to use these through all of our kids. They're great cloth diapers that we can reuse and reuse. They will pay for themselves."

Two years later, I stand before you and say, I am THIS CLOSE to switching to disposables. UGH!

Before I delve into the problems, a few things.
1. I've never been the person to "abuse" my diapers. The elastic is superb. They have been washed per manufacturer's directions using Charlie's Soap every time.
2. I just spent 5 hours on Friday stripping and scrubbing them (both covers and microfiber inserts) to no avail.
3. My kids do not sit in wet diapers. They aren't soaking through because they've sat in it for 4 hours.

Now that that's out of the way, lets talk individual kids...and problems.

She is now 2 years old, 25 pounds, and no-where near the shining lights of potty-training (sigh).
Problem - she soaks through the BumGenius diapers like they're paper. She pees so much that it runs out the sides before it has a chance to soak in. The term "heavy-wetter" is an understatement. It doesn't matter how many inserts I stuff into the BG's it still spills out. (Note - stripping the diapers has not helped this problem)

Apparently boys are physiologically built differently from girls (duh). Whereas girls pee straight down and the pee soaks in at the bottom of the diaper, boys pee more straight out which soaks the front of the diaper. So here is the problem: even when I snap the BG's into infant mode the insert slides enough to the bottom that when Isaiah pees it runs out the front sides soaking his shorts.

So my questions to you -
Do you still cloth diaper your toddler?
Is there a good cloth diaper for toddlers? What do you use?
Is there a better cloth diaper for boys? What do you use?
Is there a way to make my BumGenius function again for either child (different inserts, etc)?

Please help!! I will take any and all advice/thoughts/criticism. I've seen those postings where people carry on about "I think I ruined my cloth diapers!" and I don't want to be one of them, but I'm baffled. Seriously. Have I somehow ruined my BG's or do I just have super-soaker kids whose kidneys are stuck in overdrive? Do I need to suck it up and save for some new diapers?